We are a City & Guilds recognised training centre and we deliver Hairdressing National Vocational Qualifications at Levels One, Two and Three. We operate the SAM 2000 programme created by Cheynes Training, which is superior to any other system we know because:

—it delivers two qualifications at Level 2
—it requires twice as many assessments to be achieved
—it is backed up by high quality logbooks and training materials
—and it is run by highly skilled, practising, professional hairdressers.


Trainees can enter the SAM programme at any level. Level 1 can be achieved whilst still at school, in the evenings and on Saturdays. Most Level 2 candidates are school leavers at age 16, and it takes about 18 months to achieve. Level 3 candidates usually start on qualifying at Level 2, so they do this qualification while working as a hairdresser. Our training team is a group of senior hairdressers working in the salon currently, who take time out of work to teach the trainees, so they are up-to-date, enthusiastic, professional and very experienced. During training, our trainees have two or three training days each week. If you would like to train with us please phone 01722 335333 If you have a question about training please email us