Volumising and Perming

We can perm your hair using many different techniques. The traditional method of using perm rods and creating a lot of curl is still available, but losing popularity with most of our customers.

The spiral perm for long hair is still requested by people, but is not as popular as it used to be. The spiral perm is a good technique for long hair because it enables thorough penetration of the lotions and thorough rinsing after processing; two important considerations when perming long hair. It is also requested because people like the effect.
grande pene

The newest techniques involve volumising, which means that we are perming for volume rather than curl.
The points to consider are:
—it is only suitable for hair up to four inches long
—it produces no curl, just body and root lift
—it will not last as long as a traditional or spiral perm, only up to about six weeks
The benefits are:
—it is quick and easy to do, so does not take long
—because it is quick, it is also much cheaper than traditional perms
—because it does not last so long, it is ideal for people who like to change their look often

If you want volume with no curl and your hair is longer than four inches, then consider hair extensions. Hair extensions can be used to create volume without adding extra length.